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Since its launch in 2013 The Fashion Orientalist has grown into a platform for talented and established fashion designers from South Asia and the Middle East. We are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and work together with fashion industry members e.g. designers, events, PR agencies, fashion weeks, photographers and models from all over the world. Our goal is to become the biggest platform for oriental fashion, presenting the latest collections & best designers to a fast growing readership.

The Fashion Orientalist is a way to celebrate diversity and oriental beauty!

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Who is The Fashion Orientalist?

Being of European and South Asian descent I have always been a big fan of the fusion between the West and the East. I’ve studied Communications, Media and Culture for many years and stumbled upon a journal written by Edward Said on Orientalism. Said discussed the Western attitudes towards the East. How does the West portray the East? Very often we just use stereotypes, without any further knowledge about culture. So my aim is to show fashion designs from the orient. Designs made by designers from the East, for example India or the Middle East or even China. I do not want to solely focus on fashion from Eastern designers, I also want to show Western designs that are inspired by the East (or the other way around). If you combine fashion from the orient (the east) and the occident (the west) you get something I would like to call hybrid fashion.

Hope you enjoy reading our articles, feel free to comment or throw in suggestions any time!


Soraya – Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Contributing editors: Raisa, Naziha

Naziha – Fashion Editor: Her fascination for Moroccan fashion began at an early age in Morocco where she was surrounded by family members who designed traditional embroidered caftans. During this period she developed a unique eye for detail and gained a lot of knowledge on Maghreb Fashion and History. Her love for photography, literature and film making brought her to the world of cinema were she worked at several film festivals as a film critic writer. After her PR & Communications study she coordinated many events including fashion shows. As a social media consultant and photo shoot stylist she also worked with Moroccan Fashion designers, models and photographers on different fashion projects that have been published in blogs and Moroccan Magazines such as Femmes du Maghreb and Grazia Maroc. 

 Photography @ 2014 Roeland Topée | ZinneBeelden – zinnebeelden.com

@ 2015 Patrick den Drijver – Masque-Obscura Photography