Fashion Event: India Runway Week, New Delhi

India Runway Week
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  1. Akili Selam says:

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    Fashion has become a way for each of us to explore our identities, personalities, and express our views of our culture. Living in America, we often think of fashion through our own eyes and how it impacts us. For us fashion means picking up the newest fashion magazine on the shelf, attending (or hoping to get a glimpse through a window) fashion week in New York, Paris, and London. What we fail to realize is fashion effects everyone everywhere. In New Delhi, they will be bringing fashion to the runway India style.

  2. krishin narain tripathi says:

    wawoo; great plateforom to show ur quality and tallent.
    m soo happy nd 2 excited to participate dat show as a model….

  3. bobby siddiqui says:

    such type of show very inspire for new talent. they show and learn lot of more dis show through participataion. m also involve as a model.

  4. It is a wonderful platform for new talent, I agree. Best of luck walking the runway in August! Make sure to keep us updated about your journeys as models!

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